TeMS RBL lists ONLY IP addresses. Email addresses are not listed as it is useless for spam filtering.
Don't ask for unlisting without looking at bounce messages containing the IP address. This is required for us to help you.
Why is my IP address listed?

  • Your network was abused and someone else is using your server to send Spam.
  • Your email is sent trough shared servers amoung other users or customers. Some may send Spam. Ask your provider to block spam sending accounts. Prefer a dedicated server with its own IP address.
  • Bulk email or mass mailing may be blocked if mail is sent to non "opt-in" or harvested email addresses.
  • One or more computers on your network are infected by viruses.
  • Your server's IP address is known as dynamic. Your ISP did not provide accurate list of dynamic IPs. Request de-listing.
  • There is no valid PTR record for your server's IP address. Ask your system administrator to correct it. Something like mail.[yourdomain].[yourtld] is better than a generic PTR.
  • Many DKIM test fails may also lead to blacklisting

Check if your IP address is not listed on other blacklists. RBL WATCHER or Multi-RBL Check
The IP address reputation is also very important. Look at SenderBase
My email is refused is refused with message "Fix reverse DNS for <IP>, or use your ISP server". What can I do?
Contact your system administrator.
The IP of your smtp server needs a valid PTR record with corresponding A record.
"Possibly forged hostname for" error message means the PTR record does not match the A record.
I cannot find the IP address. What can I do?
Send a mail to blacklist [at]
It's important to send it as usual. Don't send it from a different account as we'll use your email to investigate and help you to get unlisted.
Can I check if my IP address is (still) listed?
Sure. The query/lookup is here.
How to use TeMS RBL on my own server?
Postfix (2.3.0 and up)
Microsoft Exchange 2003
Lotus Dominos (notes server)
TeMS RBL available zones: : full list. : spam sources : bulk or marketing email providers : whitelist (warning this is NOT a blacklist!)